Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Vote Me!

No picture exists of me kissing babies.  Feeding ducks is as close as it gets.

I am painfully aware that it is totally uncool to come out and directly ask, but - if you are reading and generally enjoying this blog (not specifically this bit of it - it would say something very peculiar about you if you were particularly enjoying this craven appeal for personal validation...) - would you consider voting for me in this year's Observer Food Monthly Awards?  I'm sure I have no chance whatsoever of winning against the many fine blogs out there with readerships far, far in excess of my own, but still, might be fun...

The voting form's here.

It is a bit of a palaver, but don't worry, you don't have to vote in every category, and you can, apparently, win 'fabulous foodie prizes'

Thank you if you do vote for me, and even if you read this and decide not to for the sake of both our dignities.  I wholly respect your choice.  Don't worry, that's it now for the craven appeals for personal validation, next post will be about food.  I promise.

N.B.  The voting, unfortunately, only seems to be available to UK residents - or those who are prepared to lie (convincingly) about where they live.  The terms & conditions are rather ambiguous on this, in that they don’t specifically bar foreigners or ex-pats from voting, just say that you have to be a UK resident adult to be eligible for the 'fabulous foodie prizes'.  However when registering your vote you do have to specify your region of residence from an exclusively UK multiple choice list (not sure what happens if you simply skip that).  You’d think that the Observer/Guardian might be a bit more internationalist in outlook than that, but there you go.  

On the bright side, when I fail to win I can always blame the exclusion of my massive international fanbase...

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