Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year...

... to one and all.

Christmas and a new job have kept me away from the blog these past couple of weeks but there’s certainly been no shortage of good eating to give me something to write about, so it’s good to finally get some time to put my thoughts in order.  While I do that, why not take a look at this article by George Monbiot, which covers in depth some issues I’ve at least tangentially touched upon in recent posts, relating to the meat and dairy industries and the various reasons for vegetarianism.

A full post on Christmas dinner – we had grouse – and, perhaps more to the point, leftovers – although one of the benefits of having grouse was not being left with enough cold meat to sink a battleship, just lots and lots of deliciously gamey stock (almost, if not quite, enough to float a battleship) - will follow shortly(ish).

And in the mean time, here's a picture of a pork shank (or stinco) braised slowly in a tomato sauce, as suggested to me by Patrick Haney in response to my previous pork shank post.  He promised it would make a lovely meal of the pork shanks themselves while simultaneously cooking up a delicious sauce for pasta the next day.  He wasn't wrong.  Thank you, Patrick.

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